The world after Obama

​OK, the first hundred days are over, Mr. Obama is not a president anymore, and I am on my own. 

Or rather, there are many readers here on Rubicon, that still follow my lead, and there are many projects that still needs deliverance. 

The peace project in the Middle East, the protection of Christians and Jews in the Middle East, the redemption of Europe, the strengthening of the US, the spiritual comeback of Russia, the comeback of the Anglican church and the Vatican. 

These are all projects that are mine. I suppose I am the one left to do all the heavy lifting, and so be it. 

I will not back down on my projects. 

A good thing is, that it seems to me, that the pressure of the corrupted Danish State has been lifted a bit. The isolation is not so prevalent, the endless economic harassment is less severe. 

All in all, it seems to me, that I have won. 

But as we saw in Libya, you may win war the, but winning the peace is much more difficult. 

Still let us not forget the revolution. It will only stop if we stop. 

G-d bless the will to do good.

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