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We are witnessing a major shift in the power struggle of the international world these days; the waning presidency of Mr. Barack Obama, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the advent of chinese powermingling, and the rise of Mr. Mitt Romney.

First of all, the latest international political development has been without my consent, and honestly, to be frank, these moves are counterproductive to not the US, but to Russia.

Russians are always worried about double-acting and hidden agendas. Look, if it is true that there is a deal between Putin and Barack Obama concerning the foes of the fertile crescent, the Russians are really at the loosing end. Let me explain. If the western powers enter Syria and conquers together with the Arab allies, well who is to lose? Russia will, most probably lose its Tartus base. An extremely important base to Russia. This is the reason why the russian generals are against the move. That is a long-term loss. The stance of America will change if Mitt ascends to the presidential honours. It will start supporting Israel again, and the power play will tilt back to the traditional Western approach. If Syria has fallen to the West at that point, the West would have both Syria and Israels back. Russia would lose its regional role in the Middle East, and the West would be the only serious player. I am not saying this to turn against the West, but to be fair the Russians.

But winning the Syrian war could turn out to be a Damocles sword to the West as well. Winning a victory and turning Syria into another Sharia/Islamist governed country like Egypt would be just another folly. So, everything is extremely murky, and nobody really gains anything from entering the Syrian conflict. Off cause, the humanitarian consequences are too high to ignore it, but the only real political gain would be if Syria ended up a stable democracy, and that would, at least, imply a serious democratic development in the Arab states, chosen by the Arabs themselves.

Well, there are signs in the Arab world, that some intellectuals are realizing the potential of a true Arab renaissance. The Arab world are still in the dark ages. The development attained in the West is not implemented by the Arabs. It is a stale world, without any gain in terms of political development. In fact, it is a little ironic the West connected to the greek and classical Egyptian and Mesopotamian sources through Arab sources in the reconquest of Andalusia.

The Arabs are welcome, anytime, my email and telephone number is accessable, just call, I will be happy to let the Arabs in to the secrets of the Nation. After all, Islam is also a descendant of the covenant Abraham made with spirit. Remember the idea of the monotheistic religions are as a support of the Nation. I am 100% jew, but I would be happy to help the Arabs to regain democracy.

There is one very interesting and potentially world altering move done by Egypt and China in collaboration. If it is true, that China is trying to replace America in the Egyptian scenario, well, if the Americans are ok with it, I suppose it is ok. If not, and I think they are not ok with it, because it will weaken the national interests of America too much in a very important area, especially the Suez canal, it could be seen as a hostile move by China. And then, The US has to redraw all its economic interests in China. The American companies should be either forced to, or motivated to redraw production from China. If a war breaks out between China and the US, America would want its production in America and not in China. It is extremely important to stop the american production in China, and get it home.

Personally I am quite disappointed with Barack Obama, after all the things we went together, you could have helped. Barack you only had one true friend, everybody else, except your wife off cause, were just sycophants and employees. You managed to throw that friend under the bus, and that is not an action you are inclined to do, if you wish to stay on a prosperous path.

Now Romney seems to have picked up the trust of the jews. And I suppose he will be the friend of the jews now. But I will, personally be sorry, and I know that it was all done in a rage and without any serious thought for the future, but it was done. Friendships are supposed to be strong, stronger than personal gain. This is the true test of character. I will miss the good days, and I hope, after the election, that you will write.

G-d bless the world and love between fellowmen.

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