If Iran needs to change it would meet a welcoming hand of the West, and off cause of Israel. Let us be honest with the islamic republic. In reality it is a bit like the Nazis take over of Germany. They seized the moment. In a situation of chaos and distress, they were the strongest opponent to the turmoil, and the people turned to them.

What they got however, was not what they had hoped for. They hoped for a more free and human society, they got a terrible control fixed system. Where everything is in order, to the most minute detail.

The backside of the Islamist society is a secret service no less formidable than the most effective SS sponsored project. The SS wore black leather coats, like the angels destruction, emblazoned with the skull of death on their caps. The secret service of Iran are mechanators of destruction, well-trained, purposeful and dedicated to the system.

Now, that has been a living hell for the most Iranians. Iranians are proud people, rightfully so. A culture descending from Zoroaster, Cyrus. Iranians invented the idea of good, and major parts of christianity are actually Zoroastrian traditions, conveyed through Mithraism into early christianity. Christian supper is a Zoroastrian tradition.

So, to the intellectually enlightened, there are many bonds that bind the West to the Persians, and the iranian traditions should be respected.

A war with such an advanced culture should therefore meet the foe with respect. It is therefore with the deepest respect for iranian culture and lore that the West meets Iran. It is a war we do not want, but are forced to take. The ruling Islamists of Iran are hellbound. The ideas of the return of the Mahdi, the chaos theory, the hateful antisemitism is not a true reflection of how the traditions of the true Persians are. They were all about good thoughts, good deeds and good actions.

A regime change to reflect the real traditions of the Iranians, combined with some of the traditions of Mesopotamia and Egypt; enlightenment, rule of law, and off cause the true worth of the West; freedom.

G-d bless the true iranian spirit.

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