Time to pick sides

It makes me happy, that the Trump administration is making progress with mr. Putin. The more we collaborate on a senior level, the better it is for both our systems. Mr. Putin is not a communist. He is a Christian nationalist. Bless him for that.

In that capacity, he will, and should fight against the onslaught of Islamic State fighters that roam the Middle East and primarily Europe.

This is a time to pick sides; are you for or against. Are you against the Islamic state and like-minded organizations? Or are you in collaboration?

Denmark, as one, is truly not fighting the islamists in Denmark or anywhere else for that matter. It, at the same time, fights the freedom fighters of Denmark.

This is a clear example of collaboration. We should put these types of European governments in the basket of deplorables, the Nazi collaborators, and treat them as such.

It is now time to pick sides, which side are you on in this fight, a collaborator of Islamic State or a part of the coalition against.

G-d bless the will to fight evil.

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