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Winston-ChurchillWell, as AC DC said, it was Rock or Bust. Given the the result, I suppose it is ROCK!

Well done everybody, you stood up for your queen and country, you refused to give up, spitting defeat in the face. Well done.

One might put a few words on analysis, why was it done? First of all; good deeds lead to luck. By focusing on the positive things, luck was in the side of the Tories. That is a lesson that should be carved into the first stone page of every campaigners book from here on. I got it from an ancient Anglo-Saxon poem in fact. Good deeds lead to luck.

Then at the other hand, there were some mudslinging as well, at least so it seems. But if you really focus on the actual meat of the messages, it was truly positive; using the foundation laid by the austerity, to build up the country again.

Then there is the unfortunate situation of UKIP. I would not be so sorry about it really, but look forward at the EU election as what really matters. UKIP set the agenda, and has moved the entire political system their way, that is why they lost. The other parties have taken their ideas. What is most important; to have the honor, or to truly make a difference? I would vote, being the most successful campaigner on earth, and receiving absolutely nothing for it, except for ridicule and persecution, for the service to matter. It is not about yourself, it is about the service you do. You may die on the way, but as long as the country wins, you should be ready to commit that sacrifice.

Then there is the Labour. Utter and total destruction, why? Basically because of a lack of new ideas. The chest of new an inspiring things to do is empty. It strikes me, that Neil Kinnock, the husband of our current Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt had all the opportunity to win me over here in Denmark. After all, I have supported, unflinchingly mr. Barack Obama, but I suppose the other way, that of persecution, made more sense to him. You chose, you had the effect.

So what are really the things we face. First of all, I believe we face a situation where UKIP has a great claim in changing the system. It is not fair to them, and something should be done to rectify that way. One way is to follow systems in Denmark, Schwitzerland or Israel. That is a representative percentage of electioneers reflecting the actual vote. This will however have the obvious drawback, that local candidates will not feel as motivated to fight for their constituency, but at the other hand bringing change of national spirit harder to materialize. I suppose it is a discussion worth, I will chip in on it to draw some parallels to other classical constitutions as the Athenian and Spartan, and others of interest, if needed.

Finally, who won really? Was it mr. Cameron? No he brought the actual win through, but he is a representative of something, the tip of the iceberg so to say. The best man of his backers.

No, it was something else, in a powerleague that outshines mr. Cameron completely, with all respect, it was the Shire that won. It was Oxfordshire, that dream or fatamorgana of ancient power that stood up, awaken from its slumber and started fighting with a power so immense, that we will still see what will come of it.

It is not a posh university, it is not a dying thing. It is a conservative humanistic dog of war, and it has entered the fray, beware all enemies of England, because England has awoken and it is fighting. With its back against the wall, but in this position it is at its very best.

G-d bless all, winners and losers, and may G-d heal your wounds and dampen the spirit of those who do this of their own winning, and spur those who do it to serve.

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