The northern Union

There is one thing most Brits agree upon, being Scotsmen, English, Welsh og Irish. They do not like the EU. It is seen, and that is right, as a continental mess trapping smallish states into a web of bureaucracy and mismanagement.

EU seems to go well with most of the southern European hemisphere, but up here in the North in the “Anglo-Saxon” world, I suppose that is Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and Holland, plus a part of Belgium, and a part of France, we do not like the centralist quasi old fashioned Roman way of doing things. We feel like another reformation, because of the creeping corruption coming from the south. This is, in many ways, wrong, but old habits die hard, and that is as it has always been seen, in the last two thousand years.

Anyway, the UK is breaking apart, due to the pressure the EU is putting on nation states. Nation states need more than just football and the fading anthem to hold it together, it needs real vested power. Not just superficial things. As a consequence, the UK is falling apart.

Now, the obvious medication would be to rip out the heart of Europe and feed it to the lions. We are doing that, and I will personally make sure this happens, as it is ripping into Denmark, and searing all the vital cords between the Danish political class and the people.

But what comes after? As I see it, and perhaps this could be a way, we could make a northern union based on our own values like democracy and equality.

This would potentially settle the fuss in the UK, making us all stronger. I know that the coming PM of Denmark mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen would potentially look favorably on the idea, and this may just on one hand give us all a viable democratic construction, and at the other hand strengthen some of the wishes of the Scots. It is a good idea, and it could be developed further.

At least, we have this opportunity, and perhaps this could truly be that crowbar that would prie open the door for at renewed loyalty to the king and the queens of the beautiful isles of the hebriedes and beyond.

G-d bless the future, and may it look bright.

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