Iamblichus should be a prime source regarding Platonic philosophy. He is a pupil of Plato, and should therefor be close to Plato in regards to his worldview.

I have tried to discuss the principle of unity in regards to platonic philosophy. Plato does not discuss it much to my knowledge. But in fact Iamblichus do.

So, what is the aim of a learned society?

It goes with the aim of UNIVERSITY, what does that actually mean?

Uni, means one. How come, that university is called a place where you teach about oneness?

What does it actually mean?

To understand this, you need to understand the soil Plato was planting his trees in.

Plato, the quintessential and first academic sought after things in a MATHEMATICAL worldview.

He was, essentially what you call a PYTHAGOREAN. That is, at descendant of the Egyptian lore that floated around in the meditarannean in his time.

According to pythagorean lore, you find G-d and good in the mathematical constructs of the world.

You can see it in the pyramids. How come they are perfectly triangular? Well because that is a mathematical riddle. The number three, ends up in one on each side.

Its an equation of spirit.

You also talk about the holy triangular; son, father and holy ghost. Another triangularity.

Or the balance between the rich and poor, that you try to equate with progressive tax.

Or the balance between the three functions of law.

See? All figures of number.

What is the most holy number, the number the ancients always strived for?

They called the nomad, the number one.

One is perfection, and therefor University is called university. To make a school where the science there strived for oneness, also called unity.

Unity is the function of a mathematical view on society.

So, the path is clear; we need to make a frame around society, where people feel alike and not different. Where we celebrate what we have in common, not what tears us apart.

A society, where we all work to make a oneness in terms of politics and spirit.

G-d bless the will to heal the rifts in society, and make peace amongst all those who are now in turmoil.

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