Vad da?

A month ago, I had this amazing encounter with a Swedish artist with the name Dan Park. As I have a name that draws me closer to England, Dan has a name that draws him closer to Denmark. The encounter in a way reflects back on my stay in Oxford, and I believe has a lesson that is important for the people of England, and of cause the people of Sweden. Dan is a street artist, and makes these horrendous little pieces of art, that kick the establishment in a certian part. Everybody have decided to hate him, but nobody cared to really try and understand his points. But, to his luck, he had the opportunity to present his criticism on the Swedish society in Denmark, and Swedes could then actually hear what he was intending. Mind you, he is radical, but there is absolutely no blood and honour in him, he as thin as a stick, and has long rufled hair.

What really felt relieving and also emancipating was when he said; quote from memory; things are going really bad, but what then or “vad da?”. Point is, what happens after we run the line from multiculturalism? Where are we actually heading? What is the plan really? Sometimes utterances become kind of metaphysical in its content, because this was the question no one has dared to ask in Sweden. Vad da?

The same question England has to ask, what happens after the we have run out of line, and multiculturalism is at the end of the dead line. Then what?

It is not about race, it is not about the opression of minorities, but it is basically the question about the identity and values of the indeginous European tribes. I mean, seen from a humanistic point of view, why are we to shed all the culture that is thousands years old? Why? Is it not something worth preserving?

Winston Churchill fought the battles of Britain his whole life, but never to subject or tyrannize anyone. He did it because he really believed in his people and his nation. He even helped build up the wealthfare state in Britain, and he had nothing against Jews or gays. He was at one hand a liberal when that made good sense, and a conservative when that made good sense. This tradition is really what came out of Oxford I believe. The Vad da? Was answered as a double emphasis on, at one hand the traditions of England by Tolkien and at the other hand on the positive understanding of Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

The Vad da? Answer should therefor be answered in that dichomoty. I however also think there is one other angle that is important to remember. In Ivanhoe, we hear about the fall of the old gods, at the hand of the invaders. The old gods also have a place, and should have it as well.

G-d bless England

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