IMG_3557I suppose martyrdom is a sign of a philosophy that is truly changing the world. I have fought for the freedom of my people, I have fought for soul of my people, I have fought like dervish for G-d, in order for him to regain some of the glory he has lost.

My main antagonists these days are not the Muslims anymore, many actually find my lamenting and fight inspiring and are devout on the same premises as I. But oh, to no gain in the eye of the corrupted Danish system.

Now what, after I returned from the wonderful tour to Oxford, I picked up a letter from the government. It simply said, in the crooked words of the state. We accuse you for murder. We think that you were related in a murder some time two years ago, therefor we tapped your phone. Ok, now that is the game? So now I am a murderer in disguise? What exactly is there of evidence of this supposed crime; nothing. There is no evidence, just the accusation.

So put me on trial, for heavens sake. Let the world know about your heinous crimes, how you have killed my mother, destroyed my family, tortured my daughter. Let them hear about that, I invite you put me on trial, so that the world will know, what a corrupt society Denmark truly is. Let the philosopher have justice!

But you will not, you craven cowards, you will only insinuate, send little letters with no prove, just try to nip at my character. You fools, and descrepite subhumans, you evil kin, you Satans. There is only darkness in your blood, only lust for war and destruction, no appetite for dialogue or compromise. Just that; the seeping evil, that goes on everywhere in these modern digitalized states. They know everything, where you are, what you do, who you talk to, even what you write on your computer.

But listen, evil stands in no good fortune to good, because everything I do is transparent. I have nothing to hide, I stand judged by my words. Everybody are able to look at them, read them as they wish, there is absolutely nothing hidden. I have no schemes going on, no hidden agenda, I stand by words. And in this I am not evil, or in any way manipulating.

Look at that you craven cowards. Perhaps it was time you yourself came out in the open, and stood judged by your own misgivings? Just perhaps it is time for the world to judge you. So begin that prosecution please, let the world see what you have of prove, or disappear like the craven, disgusting STASI goons you are.

G-d bless the wisdom of the true.

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