We are ok

Mr. Obama has delivered quite a blistering criticism of the current development of the Democratic Party. It is going away in a very left wing conspiracy or direction.

It is as though that mr. Trump forces us to be desperate.

We do things in terms of politics, that we would normally not do.

Well, perhaps we should just try and take a look at the reality. Most of what mr. Trump has had succes with, is actually Socialdemocratic policies, especially in terms of economics. But also foreign policy, here I think of the conflict with China.

So in fact, we do not have to look for a political system that will actually work. We can just look at what is actually working. Ok, then mr. Trump has installed some kind of borders and ICE. But that is something we would have done ourselves anyway. Maybe not in such a harsh manner, but some kind of control is necessary.

So, maybe we should take it a bit easy, and go on from when mr. Obama was president. Just continue.

What we need, is a good candidate. I truly hope we get one of those.

G-d bless United States of America.

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