What did we learn in the election?

The election, and the fall out of the drama, is finally over. 

It is time to wrap it up, and talk a little about the potential political growth that we realized in the election. 

First of all, we need to do other things than just Brexit. Yes it is a humongous task, but focusing only on that, will potentially cost us the next election. We need to do a multipronged strategy. 

One of the great things in the election, was the talk about the NHS and the wealthfarestate in general. I know, that communism was spread by the KGB, we have just have a rerun on some of the methods here in Denmark. But communism has good things in it as well. 

The best being a kind of state security wrapped around all members of the society. 

This we HAVE to work on. Someone should convene in Oxford, invite rev. Brian Mountford and talk about the Anglican Church and its role as a moral base under the wealthfarestate. Talk about the caring for the weakest of the nation, talking about doctors, teachers, policemen and all that support the nation. 

This will give the Anglican Church a way to be a part of the society again in an important way. 

There should be space for other beliefsystems, but the church should be leading in this process. 

A good task for a vicars daughter. 

Secondly, we need to work on terrror. I know that it is both sides and so on. But the best way to stop terror, is to get rid of the jihadis. Then the right wing will stop. 

There has been talk about internment of islamists. I think this is too harsh. Locking them up will stop the problem, but they are young people, with a life ahead of them. They should not be locked up. What I would recommend, is repatriation. Most of them are not citizens of the UK, so they should be asked to leave the country, and if that is not possible, forced to leave. 

This will make a situation where the UK has to negotiate with different countries to take their citizens back. Well, that is possible, that is basically a matter of will and ability to negotiate. 

A good project for an ambitious conservative. Deliver on this, and that is a huge boon to the party.

Thirdly, there is Brexit. As I see it, the real challenge lies in satisfying DUP. They will not accept any kind of soft Brexit, and they are pretty fond of Mr. Farage. The negotiations on the EU side are really unrealistic, and they are not holding the cards. Drive a serious bargain, and if they do not comply, just define the rules yourself. 

G-d bless the UK, and thank you for a good fight. We won, but it was pretty close this time.

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