The wealthfarestate

To truly understand the depth the change that we may be able to carry forward in the UK, one needs to understand the problems that we are facing. 

The socialist doctrine of free movement and free everything is not a viable way forward. 

What is viable however, is to understand what the shortfalls of said system has, and then remedy where it is not working and find a new way. 

Ok. Have a look at it this way. Nobody really knows what socialism is. The only ones who truly had an idea about it, were the first socialists around Karl Marx and perhaps the first generation around Lenin. Why? Because Marx wrote in a typical German way, which is almost impossible to understand. 

Being Danish, and that is what people call very German in many ways, I do understand it to a certain degree. But only after checking the sources of Marx do I really understand it, and then also the problems of Marxist thinking. 

Here it comes. Marx made a replica of Sparta, or rather he was very inspired by Sparta. 

There is however one problem. Marx did understand the classical sources, but he never went into absolute nerd with the old texts. He has read Lucretius, a bit of Plato, but not all the texts that describes Sparta, and not all the texts that describes Athens, the Democratic counterweight to Sparta. 

So he missed quite a few things. What he really missed are the following:

1. According to Lucretius a communist society needs to be closed, not open. This is important to know when we talk wealthfarestate. This is why EU does not work for countries like Denmark, it simply ruins the wealthfarestate. 

2. Sparta had checks and balances internally in Sparta. There were two kings, and there was a council called the Ephors, who advised the king. This is important to understand in the light of the communist states that evolved into corrupt kingdoms. A socialist system will not work unless there is a check on the power. 

3. Sparta had gods and goddesses as any other polis of the time. They had a fervor for law, almost as a G-d. 

Now, there was a lot of criticism of Sparta in the days it actually worked, something we can learn from today. First and foremost, it was criticized for being too insulate. That was why it eventually died out. Spartans had too few children. Why? Because basically there was no meaning in having children. The state took them over anyway. The same problem is very true for the socialist or communists countries of today. Especially in Western Europe, where the wealthfarestates have had a tremendous decline in birthrate. It is not because people are generally full of weltschmerz, but because the system makes it like that. 

If you do not have a wealthfarestate, then people have more children, because then the family becomes the social security. 

The other thing that was a huge problem in the antiques, was the Crypteia, the secret police of Sparta. It was loathed, and it was used to dominate and tyrranize the helots, the slaves of the Spartans. 

The same problem is prevalent in the modern socialist systems, it creates an incentive for a huge secret service, and ends up being policestates. 

With all of this in mind, we can see, that there is room for a Spartan like society, they were extremely brave and were generally seen as uncorrupted and really good fighters. 

But we need to be careful not to make the same mistakes as the ancient Spartans did, and we need to make sure we do not simply make the same mistakes as the last generations of communists did. 

This means, as a conclusion, that we need to make a wealthfarestate, but run on spiritual, national principles. We also need to secure that the legislative system retains its checks and balances when it comes to the use and control of power. The democratic system needs to be the foundation. All the other principles of state; the rule of law, enlightenment by the press and so on, needs to be supported and encouraged as well. 

THEN we can have a wealthfarestate, that actually works and supports the society and system. 

That will bring a better society. 

G-d bless the will to make a better world.

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