What to do?

I have been giving the totally absurd security situation in Europe some thought over the last few days. It is much more complicated than just the threat of terrorist burning up atomic reactors. It goes much. much, much deeper.

First of all, the shift in paradigm that the Obama administration has made, that is deepening the ideological fight with radical islam to a fight between Democracy and islamic state, has not really been implemented in Europe. This is the basic problem. Europe still linger in a pre Obama understanding. In this idea, ALL muslims are socially disenfranchised victims of especially English imperialism.

As a consequence they are to be treated as victims, and any criticism is an open threat to the critical stance against imperialism.

This is, on an intellectual level complete bogus, since Muslims were not the main victims of English imperialism, and especially the Middle East was never really colonised. There were however a huge problem in India, America and Australia.

But, that is politics, facts and consequence is not always two things that compare.

Anyway, to try and counter the terrorist threat, that is a complete other prerogative. We tried to differ between IS and the rest of the muslims, effectively isolating the fight to a part of the muslim community, giving a way out for those muslims who are loyal to our democratic constitutions. A good solution by any stretch of the imagination. It works, we are not alienating the good muslims and we are fighting the bad.

Anyway this strategy has not been implemented in Europe. There are some initial steps taken by Germany, UK and France. Being the larger countries they have the ressources and the guts to fight evil in our midst. But the smaller countries are still living in a world where all muslims are victims and all Danes, Dutch and Belgians are inherently evil, white oppressive colonialists.

This shift of paradigm has to seep into the smaller countries as it is beginning in the larger countries. The first step is to isolate and document the large networks of the islamists. It is not only IS that is dug in deep in Europe, there are other organisations as Hizb-ut-tahrir and the like. They need to be uprooted and stopped, simple as that.

But then again, it is not as simple as that. Because the infiltration goes well beyond the hardcore islamists. These guys are not stupid, they have been waging a cold war style war for decades, that is infiltration of culture, media and any power centres that are up for grabs. A good example is the security guards in the airport, this goes on also in Denmark, probably also in other countries. Infiltration of security guards in atomic installations. You name it, you hate it. It is a network so wide, that to get an idea about it is, in itself, difficult.

But the secret police, and the other security apparatuses has to get a grip. This will only happen, if they get some help. Preferably from MOSSAD, who are the best. But also from CIA and perhaps Russia, FSB. They are also brilliant.

But you have to educate, push, make hard demands, put instructors in the country, hammer on the political system and do everything apart from putting grunts in. This is the only way we can avoid total catastrophes, like blowing up atomic reactors. And it has to be done immediately, as we speak IS is beefing up operations in Europe, and they are planning to hit very, very hard.

The clock is ticking, and time is very, very, very short. You need to move yesterday.

G-d bless the peace, we hopefully will win if we are fast enough.

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