Winter is coming

Great literature usually carries a claim to formulate what is not conscious. The subconscious truths that we all agree upon, but are not ready to speak openly about. 

You can shine with the light of the moon or the light of the sun. The moonlight is usually the light of great novels. The philosopher however must be the one who are able to formulate the unconscious like the sun. Openly, brazenly and therefor with the strongest of power. 

There has been a proverb of the Trump administration, and especially Mr. Bannon; “winter is coming” the saying goes. 

It is a reference to the motto of the Starks of Winterfell in the saga of George R.R. Martin in Game of Thrones.

I have wondered about that reference, it is so strong. When I was a kid, the stories really enraptured me with the strength of characters, the depth of storyline. But I did not understand the subconscious reference of that giant wall that Martins were talking about, the monsters seeping through the cracks, the corruption of the city in the middle, and Jon Snow, the orphan trying to stop the wall from crumbling. 

Well since Martins is British, it seems to me, that the wall is the crumbling borders, the monsters the migrants and the corrupt center Bruxelles. 

Winter is coming, and there is some truth in that, and not unless we realize that and plan accordingly do we man that wall truly, or rather look at things in a clear light. 

Literature has that gift sometimes, to arm us with truth. 

Not all migrants are monsters, but some are, and we need to man that wall in order to stop the flow of monsters. 

But we also need to man the inner walls, the Millwals and be brave. 

G-d bless the vigilant. 

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