Princess let me teach you about power. You have potential power, but the power you can have is also difficult to control.

Royalty is VERY difficult, because it is all in the SYMBOLS.

You have very little direct control over anything, yet how come you have power?

It is because the ROLE of royalty is to lead by example.

Let me try and explain, it is a little long winded, but this is how it is.

Royalty is ancient, it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, and there the pharaoh (the king) represented g-d on earth.

Since G-d is all that is good, a prove of the connection to g-d was 1. Spiritual powers, Moses could divide the waters. 2. Perfect ethical conduct.

This power is still vested into royalty. When you are a good guy, and have a perfect life, you serve the role as royalty.

The reason why I serve in the function of king of Israel, is because I fit this formula.

Now, you have the chance to learn this from me, if you want. I can teach it to you. It will take a long time, and you will have to conform a lot to the rules and regulations.

In other words, a lot of the fun young people get to have, is not well seen for you. I get it, I have always had a lot of fun myself, so leaving all the fun of youth is difficult.

The good news, I am really liberal when it comes to love. I trust you, so I will give you all the freedom you want, giving you trust.

But the expectations that you are met with are very, very, very difficult to handle.

At the end of the day, if i were you, I would not worry too much about all the speeches and the spectacles. People are not stupid, and they will look at your actions and not what you say.

Take me, i have absolutely no press what so ever. I have hardly ever been public except for a few articles here and there. Yet i am in all humility maybe the most influential intellectual in the world. Why?

Because i have always followed my conscience, and I do not care about fame or fortune. What I care about is making a better world.

So, just take it easy, think about what you can do. What life you wish to build.

Make a life of community, friends, family, solidarity.

At the end of the day, it is not about the blitz, it is about sitting in your house under the stars and watching the stars sail over the hemisphere, together.

If you can do that, and find that intimate reality, people will suck that happiness into their own lives.

They may not be there, but the rumour mill will churn. It will go like, ‘have you heard, the princess has been watching the stars yesterday, with this handsome prince’. So people will think, ‘she is not such a bad princess, she has a good a poetic heart and she is VERY lucky’. We want that as well, a little tale of beauty and family time for us as well.

It is all in the ACTIONS.

G-d bless the will to find goodness of heart in your life, and may we have this as a shared life of watching stars together.

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