Let me share a bit more on the theories of royalty. Since royalty is an ancient Egyptian invention, understanding classical Egypt is really key.

Egypt was this amazing, ancient civilisation that is actually still here. It is situated around the Nile delta, essentially is the Nile river and all its branches.

This gives the Egyptians a certain mindset, that is what lies behind royalty really and some of the famous pharaohs and pharaoesses. Sneferu, Ramses II, and so on.

So in the delta it is lush and green because of the water of the Nile, but just on the other side of the river delta lies this uncompromising desert full of scorpions and other evil nastiness. The desert is unforgiving.

This gives the Egyptian and then royalty the black and white mindset. Good: Lush and green. Evil: stark, destructive and desperate.

So the ancient pharaohs were these massive intellectual, spiritual people who could do things that we have no idea how they did. Like Moses dividing the waters, how did he do that? These stories are real, mind you. We have lost the knowledge of this, at least in most of the religious practices. Still within Judaism, we hold a lot of the lore that is lost to everyone else, this is how I know that it is real, but just imagine Moses. This Egyptian prince, eyes blazing protecting his people under the relentless sun in the Sinai.

I have a Jewish fried who comes from Yemen, he told me, that when the Jews there heard that Israel was made, they just packed and went to Israel again, walked through the Sinai. Some of his family perished.

So even though that these stories are in the bible and in the Torah, it is still very much real for a lot of people.

So what were the true ideals that a Pharaoh was supposed to uphold? It was called Maat. You can translate it as justice. But it is essential more about balance and harmony than strict ruling. The pharaoh is supposed to bring the country together, and defend it, when it is in danger with his spiritual powers. The King is a protector in more than one sense.

Moses did exactly this, protected the Jews as we fled Egypt.

I know this is a lot to take in, but this is really what it is all about. The striving for Maat, justice, balance and protecting your country with your spiritual powers.

Your dad his majesty Felipe VI has done exactaly this. Kept the country together. So he is very well respected.

G-d bless the will to understand the ideas of kingship and may we understand the depth of the ideas.

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