When we discuss the existence of good and bad, we must realize, that there are many ideas about this, and many interpretations. So, to really understand this, we can choose the best to our needs.

Here is one reflection on it, that I find simple and logical. In life we are always met with hardships and pain. The more we are unguided by some wise men, the higher the pain.

In this situation, the good is the wisdom of life. How to avoid the suffering and pain that life may otherwise lead to.

Good is then a set of rules to life by, a do´s and don’ts that we can use to make a better life. Take drugs. Why is it a stupid idea to use drugs? Because it may give an instant feeling of wellbeing or joy, but the day after comes the hangover, and in the long run too much drinking will ruin your life. Same goes for gambling and excess in most ways.

So the wise man will tell you to avoid these things, not to put restrains on your life, but to guide you to a better life.

Here again it is a matter of balance, because there is no wrong in drinking a beer or having a nice time with your friends, in fact this is a good thing, but the excess is the problem.

Good is then to purify your life and be as clean as possible. This will, most probably, give you success, because if you drink or gamble all your money, needless to say, you ruin your life.

But good is also the joys of life. The time with family, the joy of children, the joy of a good meal in the light of all whom you love.

So the idea is basically, that you may find your own path between the does and don’ts, but with a healthy eye on freedom as well.

G-d bless the wisdom of good advice.

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