214011-120310-twam-japan4If we zoom in on the basic work of church, mosque or synagogue. There is the work of guiding.

We all, as human beings, need guidance. If we do not have guidance, we will end in misery. That is the way the world, or rather the physical world, is constructed. If we just go on with our lives, doing things without thinking, we will end in separation from whom we love, and in abuses of different kind.

But we need to realize, that even though the goal may be the same. That is happiness and enlightenment, there are many roads to that goal.

This is where guidance comes into play. Because each person will need an individual guidance to help him in his or her lives. This is why it is extremely important to listen, and try to envisage ourselves in the place of the ones who needs our guidance.

Here true live experience is the key. You can have so much theoretical knowledge in the university or school, but only through practical experience will this knowledge be truly useful.

We need to shed the comfort of the ivory tower or easy life, and hit the road. We need to see things from the perspective of the poor or the persecuted. Only then are we able to be true guides.

G-d bless the will to be useful to the world.

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