Prayer_lgWhen we pray, we wish to be closer to the spirit. But why do we actually do that? Is it just to be close, or is there another reason. To understand this, we need to understand the motives of spirit. Spirit wants us to be closer to it. To get past all the hardships and all the difficulties in the world. But spirit cannot move things physically in the world, it can only communicate with us to our benefit.

So, what we need to do, is to use spirit, as spirit intends. It can help us, because it is superior in one area we are not; intelligence. Spirit is intelligence, and with the help of this source of extreme ability, we can overcome difficulties normally not easily overcome. This is where miracles comes into play.

Spirit will tell us the path we should take to get closer to it, and if we are able to understand this, we have a possibility to make a better life.

This is why I think prayer is such an important thing, or meditation. Because we have there an opportunity to reconnect to our own source, and steer away from indulgence and injustice.

G-d bless the wisdom of prayer.

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