When we want to reach the heaven on earth, or rather the celestial realm from the vantage point of our encapsulated souls, we need to understand how to do this.

When we are put into this world, we are totally isolated. Therefore we are totally on our own needs and wants. This evolves slowly for most of us, at a certain time, usually at the age of adulthood, we realize, that we are not alone in this world, and we need to share our belongings and our wealth with other.

Why is this, is it because we need a better standing in the community? Is it because we need a higher profit from our investment? No, the answer is actually in a way simplest, and yet totally profound.

We do it, because we need to emulate the conditions we knew from before we were born, from the time when we were one with the celestial community.

Some of the first Egyptians priests they shaved their heads and went into absolute sharing with their fellow priests, here they emulated the celestial realm all they could. Why? Because they wanted to be one with the intelligence we come from.

This we as humanity have enterited, we want to be one with the creator.

Now, how do we do that? In the world there is what we believe as good and evil. Why are they there? It is a guide to reach the celestial realm. Suffering is in fact not being able to reach from where we were before. Solitude is a feeling of being disconnected from other living beings, dying is the feeling of leaving the community.

Therefor we need to understand the causes of suffering, to reach the bliss of total community. Zoroastrians believe there is a ladder to the celestial realm, you can be enlightened. Perhaps this is true? Perhaps there is a way in this world, leaving evil and entering into goodness, sharing with the community and loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

This is the purpose of man when we are here on earth in the short span of time, to reach the unity of fellow men, and be one.

Chaos is multiple, order is singularity. As Tolstoy said, all unhappy families are different, all happy families are the same. This is the path we need to step on, the path of sharing, sacrificing one self for the community and be able to pool together the resources for the betterment of the world.

G-d bless the will to share.

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