American election

The true mudlslinging has now begun. Dirty, immoral, awfull slander on your person.

Do not let you be dragged down of the effort, there are several counterstrokes to make to repel the barrage.

First of all, identify all the attacks on a prepatory basis. See them before they come, and let your team make a strategy for each of them. Most of the barrage are lies, so document that, and send the attack back from where it came. If they say this and this, let your teams specify exactly where they are wrong, and tell the real story. This strategy will hopefully work as a shield against the dirty attacks.

At the same time, keep up the attacks on Romney, but do it in an ethical way. The drawback of a negative campaign is that the negativity will rub off on yourself. People get a little sick of the slander and look for some positivity.

So attacks are good, but they should always be measured with a careful hand on spirit. If it is too harsh or dirty, and you are the sender, stop it. Factual, serious, critical and enlightening prodding is positive, because it will show the weaknesses of the opponent.

On the other hand, it is of vital importance, that we get through with some positive messages as well. This will hopefully contrast the negativity we are met with from Romney.

Let people feel your idealism, your faith, your ideas to build a better world, to make something more beautiful, free, courageous, responsible.

We have the good answers and a sound plan, this will bring us closer to the acceptance of the American people.

G-d bless America

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