The path of Israel is long and winding. It has been my privilege and honour to inspire some.

There are some victories we have celebrated, and the path we have chosen, has lead to more peace. Yet, there are many miles to wander and many obstacles to overcome.

Being a prophet of a kind, many of my prayers have gone to Israel, not because I want to be a hero or a man of honour. But because the implications of my enheritance gives me the incentive.

Prophets are supposed to bring new ideas and give principles to adhere to.

Some of the principles I have touted are brought to the modern day through many years of neglect. Like the principle of the spartan kings; always to be just in war. And by that principle win peace.

I have had the opportunity to present the principles to base the nation of Israel on. And they are just that; principles. I do not claim them for myself. They are princples, most of them, defined in another time and era, often at peaks of civilization.

However, I think the most precious principle I have realized is the principle of Empedochles. The realization, that strife and love are two siblings. This principle drives nature, and it is only if we realize, that sometimes we have to fight in order to attain love, that we will survive.

Combine this with the spartan principle, you have a recipe for peace. That is, sometimes, when you are under threath, you have to fight to protect love. But you should only do it, if the cause is just.

Take the fight with Iran. The just path was to fight the system, and not the people.

Principles are eternal. And I believe, that my humble contribution to the fundamental construction of Israel are there to be saved and remembered. It could carry us through to the other side.

G-d bless Israel.

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