There have been many redemptions from sure death and annihilation. The latest just the nazi persecution, but the repetition of persecution is like a wheel of a mill, again and again has it reached point one, and another turn in the awful threaths.

The iranian and sunni persecutions of the late negative round of fights are just another turn of the wheels.

This gives us a certain mindset, and a survival skill given to no other people. But it is both a strength and a weakness. The strenght of it is evident in the obvious fact that we have survived. The weakness is the mistrust we meet other people with. We always look for the negative trend, and we sometimes miss the positive trend.

Take the new positive trends from the christian churches. These are, in all simplicity, a tremendous boon to Israel. In practical life, it gives us the support of the Russians in the confrontation with Iran.

Now this is something, and a victory that has come about as a result of the expectations met. Why do Russia suddenly support Israel? It is because in the eyes of Russia, Israel is what it was in the days of Jesus Christ. They see Israel through the lense of him.

Jesus was a jew, and he represents the lore of jewish ideology two thousand years ago. So it would be a little strange if current judaism would be exactly the same as then. Many trends have appeared, started and evolved.

The point is, two thousand years, judaism was closer to the outspring of our faith. Babylon was still in some kind existence, so was Egypt, the hellenic world and so on. In fact the days of Jesus Christ was much more advanced in the field of theory than what we are accustomed to today.

I think my humble role, in digging up some of the principles of the ancients has given both Israel and the christian world an opportunity to water the roots. It is this livegiving work that, potentially will give peace to Israel, because it can be what other expect us to be; peacebringing, wise, loving and giving.

It is not to say, that I am the only one to bring these principles forward, it is a proces that would involve all who share the same belief as the ancients.

But through this process, we could, potentially win the hearts and minds of the followers of christ and perhaps, many years from now, the followers of Mohammad.

G-d bless the followers of Abraham.

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