In order to realize the ultimate goal of zionism, we have to combine different items of philosophy and real world problems. Basically most modern political theories as communism and a great part of liberalism have the weakness of a limited scope.

The deepest theory is, by all means, the ideals wrought around democracy with its wellspring in France and England. But, compared to the scope of Plato and Aristotle, we still, at our current state, are limited by the distance to the original source of our culture.

An Israel should be a new idea based on the very core ideas of say Babylon, Egypt and perhaps some of the hellenic ideas.

We have to start with the beginning. First of all, it all started with Abraham. So the base of a spiritual definition of Israel should start with him.

Abraham defined the covenant we try to adhere to; that we should spread the rule of love all over the world, in every heart and every society. This is the core of Israel.

Now, this may sound prepostorous, and indeed it is. But it is this project that has held us together in the prophesy of redemption and the awaiting of the Messiah.

We do not know when the Messiah will come, and we cannot wait untill he does. I believe we should work on the realization of Abrahams idea, as we wait for the Messiah to arrive.

How do we do that?

We do it, by realizing the zionist dream of a modelstate.

Combining the spiritual and the political ideas of our faith. In a simple definition; to build a vibrant and prosporous democracy based on the virtues of our ancestors. We need to formulate a vision to propel Israel into the more stable existence.

This we do by combining the different ideas of politics with the understanding of how nature and spirit works.

We build a state so illustrious and positive, a place of spirit, joy and light.

By building such a beacon, the rest of humanity that have the faith in love and light as we do, can be inspired.

They travel to the holy land. We should lift the spirit of all who come to the holy land, as we are the custodians and the caretakers of not only the soil, but also the ideas and the practical realization of those ideas.

G-d bless Israel

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