The blast targeting the civilians was a move in the ongoing feud between the West and the henchman of the east; Iran.

For some time Ahmadinejad has been silenced, as he is under pressure from the leader of the clerics; Khameni. Ahmadinejad lost the election, and he lost together with his hardline section of the islamic revolution. The more Moderate Khameni is now firmly in power. This is however not an absolute closing call for Ahmadinjad, he still controls large part of the Iranian society, among it the secret service and other clandestine branches of Iran.

To understand the move, you therefore have to understand the motifs of Ahmadinjad. I say this, not as a cold strategical analysis, I understand the pain, I feel it myself, it is like having an arm ripped of. But we have to stay focused to avoid the effect of the stroke.

Back to Amhadinejad. Why would he pull off a major stroke right now? Because the position of Iran is deteriorating minute by minute. Syria is close to fall as an ally, Russia is drawing away a bit, The muslim Brotherhood is firmly in the arms of America. So on all sides the allys are giving away. This compared to a year ago, is a dramatic reversal of the game in the Middle East.

Now what would he gain from an attack on helpless civilians? He would gain at least one thing; the pain of Israel. But would he gain other things? Well, if he can provoke Israel into attacking the Iranian system in some way, he could sway Russia over to his side, and he could reinvigorate some of the iranian proxies as Hizbollah.

So it is a taunt, it is a provocation, engineered as a motif for us to retaliate.

Now, we should not just sit on our own hands, but we should act wisely and further weaken the strength of Ahmadinejad. How do we do that?

We start by cleaning up our own house as the first priority, and secondly, we start a diplomatic mission to Russia. Russia is not interested in the slaughter of civilians, Russia is a modern, honourable nation state. So, Russia would be, potentially motivated to rein in Ahmadinjad. It would, in the inner workings of international politics, be a tremendous boon to Israel, if Ahmadinejad would further burden the relationship between Russia and Iran.

Secondly, we could put some light on the issue and see what turns up. If it is the clandestine branch of Iran behind the stroke, we could use is in the war in the media, and thereby give Iran another blow to his image, and with it Iran itself. It is not an attack on the Iranian people, but an attack on the clandestine branch of Iran, and thereby on the system.


Talking about getting our own house in order. I have an idea as how to solve the immigrant crisis. It has to be solved as fast as possible, it is bad for the citizens of Israel, and it is bad for immigrants. It is however a dilemma. Here is the idea.

In order to strike a balance between the interests of Israel and the interest of the immigrant, we approach the immigrants with a serious and ambitious plan for their recovery. They come to Israel, and they are poor and desperate, so they steal and do worse things. So we give them an opportunity to acquire skills to feed themselves; education, and shelter. But this help should be done on the regulation of Israel. So the education should be within frames defined by Israel. We could make a nice town for them somewhere in Israel or somewhere else, and give them shelter and education, and we could control the whereabouts of the immigrants.

In this way the immigrants needs are met; they have food, education and shelter, and the citizens of Israel are protected against theft and assault.

A plan to help the immigrants back into their own country after the education and shelter should also be made. In this way we could help the neighbouring countries in the rebuild of their societies. We could be the school of Africa.

G-d bless all of Israel; the poor, the sad, and the ones left from the vicious attack by Ahmadinejad

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