American election

We are now entering another phase of the election. We won some in the first phase, and our arguments have resounded in the minds of the American people.

We have numerous enemies, and we have to shed some light on them. First of all, there is a vipers den, that we have made ourselves a bit; the connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, people say, that there is no such thing as a muslim democracy. It is wrong, it can happen, Turkey is an example, but the differences between the basic tenants of Islam and Democracy are wide. This is the basic situation. Now The Muslim brotherhood was initiated to repeal and conquer us. They have been working on this almost since the inception of the brotherhood by Hassan Al Banna. Now this has cost us dearly. In Denmark, as an example, they have excelled in Sovietstyle infiltration of academia and culture. Right now we have a certain Burhan, a pop singer with dubious connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, he is all over the pop charts.

On the other hand, we have a democracy in Egypt now, and, at least for now, the Muslim Brotherhood are working along our ideas. I hope it is sincere, many people, among the jews are not so sure.

As the situation is, and the election is forthcoming, we need to make a strategy to counter the attacks by the Republicans based on the support we have given the Muslim Brotherhood. There is no idea in covering it up, it will surface the election from time to time, and we need to have an idea of how we counter the blow.

The idea is simple; we tout our victories. There are many; the Libyan constitution, the emerging Tunisian democracy, the democratic wave we initiated and held on to. We did this to further the democratic development in the Middle East, and we have succeeded.

If the Republicans ask directly about the connection to the Muslim brotherhood, there is no reason to deny it. Be honest; they are a part of the foreign ministerial clout of connections, and real world politics is often bridled with compromises. There are other connections in the Middle East, and we work together. Your aim has been to further the democratic development of the Middle East, and you have succeeded in doing so, to the benefit of all who believe in democracy.

The Arab spring was the first time since second world war, that the democratic idea was planted in the world and was actually strengthened. You stand by that legacy, and you are proud of it.

G-d bless America

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