I know, that there is soon a deadline for the overall budget of the American Nation. 

There is one thing I believe we should let Mr. Trump do. That is to make a better border patrol in the south. I know, that this is difficult, because we are afraid that it will be too inhumane. But the fact of the matter is, that if we do not do anything, that will make things more inhuman. The crime and the downright disregard of greencard routines, is not good for our country. 

The south is suffering under the chaos that is going on. 

Instead of giving Mr. Trump an easy defeat, on this subject I believe we should put aside political interests and our own agenda, and see if we can make something that works. 

I am not sure it should be a physical border, but some kind of control should be enforced, and we need to back it with the right kind of funding. 

I do however believe, that it should be done in a humane way. Just because it is a problem, does not force us to be inhuman. 

But if we find a deal that truly protects our citizens in the South, we would have served the public. 

G-d bless the will to protect those who are in harms way.

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