Keep the flame burning

To be a leading academic has never really been a goal of mine. I could have had some kind of academic career, and I was very happy with my trip to Oxford a few years back.

But to me, most academic institutions leaves too little room for crosstopical discussion. And with my rebellious attitude, I am not really the archetype of an academic.

I do however see myself as an intellectual, and a philosopher off cause.

But I also see myself as something more humble, as a craftsman. I really like crafting, especially with wood. I am not a professional, but I do believe, that what I do has a certain quality. I like to have a good idea, find the right kind of wood, use some beeswax so impregnate it with, and make all the fittings invisible.

In the olden days, my ancestors, the Vikings, they built the best boats in tree, because they were good at woodworking. They could fit oakenplanks together with so much precision, that the hull seemed seamless.

When I make philosophy, I have the same ambition. For me it is not just about the ideals that we seek, it is also about the quality.

To make a revolution in a society, it is of extreme importance, that what you make as a philosopher is of highest quality. When people use it, it should really work. If you make something of a bad quality, a lot of people will suffer. Take my economic ideas. They will support the nations that use them, at the same time, it does not hinder free trade. To me, that is quality. It strengthens the system at the same time as it strengthens the individual nations that uses it.

Or the ideas about islamcritics. It targets a dangerous foe, but at the same time, it truly respects the democratic rights of the constitution, and leaves room for peaceful Muslims to live in our society.

I really hope, that that is what I will be remembered for, the down to earth, philosophical craftsman, with an ambition for quality.

When it comes to a Liberal perspective. This attitude can be used to remedy some of the late flaws of our ideas, and strengthen other that needs strengthening.

Social Democratism, that is truly what liberalism is today, has two roots. One is socialism, the other is democratism.

The one being a reflection of Sparta and the other being a reflection of Athens. So in a way, it is a mix of two systems.

In the US, traditionally it is more of Athens, since the US was founded by Democratic revolutionaries.

So, for the house of the US to be strong and stout, the pillars carrying this house from the inside, must be primarily Athenian.

But that does not mean, that it cannot mix in a few good elements of the Spartan.

So, in its essence it should be a free country, based on freedom of speech, carried by good strong families. At least, that is what Aristotle says, and that is what Socrates says.

It should be a country of free men, proud to carry a state they themselves decide on. That is Democracy.

Lycurgus, however, the philosopher of Sparta, is not into democracy. He is into the commune. Making things work on a shared basis.

This has some merit, especially when it comes to taking care of the weak. There are some burdens that cannot be carried by private initiative, that is putting that helping hand beneath those frail shoulders, so that people can perhaps survive and ultimately live a better live.

But, and this is where we as liberals should be careful, if we make a wealthfarestate, Lycurgus says, that this state should be closed to work. Community requires solidarity. Solidarity is when people know each other, and is ready to share their wealth.

You cannot have an open border society, and a wealthfare state, these two things exclude each other.

It is a choice.

I think we should start at the most important, the Democratic values, and then supply with Socialist values, where it makes sense.

But keep our faith true to the founding fathers and their project. That is what the country needs right now. Something that unites, nourishes the roots, something that will keep the flame burning.

G-d bless the will to do good, and understand what is good.

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