I am a little sorry, that the election in France went it way it went. I understand, that the situation is extreme, and true middle leaning candidates are not available, like in other countries. 

But, I would really have liked for France, to find a more simple and controlled way out of the chaos that it is in now. Because even though the French public chose Mr. Macron, the problems are still there. Unemployment, Islamism, a civil service in denial, explosion in crime and so on. 

It is what happens when you leave it to bankers to control the political development. They are not good at it. Philosophers are usually good at it, because that is what we do. Bankers are good at doing bank work.

At the heart of the challenge, that is really where it ends. Should we let the bankers or the philosophers decide. 

Maybe next time, and maybe with a more middle leaning politics. As in the UK, the US and Russia.

But, you will have my support whatever happens, because you have the most spectacular, beautiful country and culture. I love France, and we will defend it, whatever it takes. 

G-d bless the motherland, G-d bless France.

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