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I know, that I have been a bit too supportive of Mr. Trump. But I think it is wise due to two considerations. 1. I truly believe, that the best way to make the best things of Mr. Obamas legacy survive is by cooperation. 2. There was a very true challenge to the system itself with Mr. Trump. If we had not cooperated some, he could have gone nuclear inside the system, and that could very much have ended American Democracy as such. 

Now we have had a nice transition, Mr. Trump has found a way to make his own mark on history, and we have made a good case on foreign policy, that will hopefully elevate the US and our values in the next decade or two. 

Because that is really where it all ends up, the values. 

I have given it a bit of thought, when it comes to the different perspectives that were under the election. There were mr. Bernie Sanders, Ms. Clinton and of cause other prominent policians and thinkers. 

They all brought something good to the table. Mr. Sanders brought his revolution. Ms. Clinton her ideas about children. There were already the ideas about economy, welthfarestate and security brought by Mr. Obama. Somehow, we need to think about all these different perspectives, and find a way to build a new platform that we can use as an elevation in the next election. 

Basically, the burn, or the Bern, came from that AMERICAN revolution, that Mr. Sanders  tried to initiate. The fight for equality, freedom and brotherhood. The fight against the tyranny, the eternal ideological fight for freedom, especially the Socratic freedom of speech. The truth shining from that beacon, to be seen from faraway lands. 

That was where the energy wave truly started to pick up. For a system to work and live, it needs to be powered by something. That is one very important lesson. 

Secondly the focus on education, and seeing things from a child’s perspective is a powerful lesson. We had a Danish storyteller, that cared a lot about children, and he always said. Be careful about strife, because it always ends up with the children. They pick it up, although they never had a choice about it. 

This points to education, making good schools, thinking about how families can be sheltered and helped the most. 

Then there is the Obamacare, that the Conservatives are dismantling right now. I believe, that that is a mistake. I respect the view, that it is communist in a way, and therefor can be potentially negative. But Mr. Obama did not put it up to make a communist state, but to protect the weak. It is much more a spiritual thing than a tyrannical oppressive thing. Poor people needs shelter, and we believe it to be a communal task to help those in need. 

Helping poor people is not communist, it is human. 

There are two other areas that Mr. Trump is working on right now, that we need to address. 

First it is economy. That is easy, since Trump are using my and Obamas ideas. We need to support at national production base, in order to help on jobs, and support our workers. 

Secondly there is security. Here Trump is doing ok, I don’t know the extent of it, or if it is humane. But we need to be focused on that as well. 

At least this is not such a bad start for a new basis of political development. We just need to develop it, and talk about it. 

In order to inspire a bit more. I will add a press release that I have done with my friend. He is a true, believing Democrat and he burned the Koran. 

I know that this is harsh, but that is what a revolution comes from. Uncompromising will to be free. 

G-d bless the will to be free.


Mr. John Salvensen chose to burn the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims four years
ago. The consecutive hoolabaloo was not much to behold. Some death threats, the usual Facebook harassment, but apart from that, not much.

Not until the state, that is the proislamist deep state of Denmark chose to take an interest in the matter.

First it tried to charge mr. Salvesen with a racist accusation, but how can burning a religious book be racist? The Koran represents the religion Islam and not a race.

After some reflection the state did an unprecedented move and charged mr. Salvesen with blasphemy. The first case of a blasphemic indiction in over 70 years in Denmark.

It has come to that, that in order to protect islamistic infiltration of Denmark, the rebels of such a process are blasphemers.

In order to clarify the intention behind mr. Salvesens burning of the Koran, he hereby
declares himself a burning Republican. A firm believer in the democratic system.

Burning the Koran was a democratic act, an act to clarify the essence of democratic virtue; the first amendment – freedom of speech.

Without freedom of speech, there is no democracy.

If the corrupted Danish pro islamist state uses the very same tools of statecraft as the islamist, that is, using blasphemy as an argument in the democratic debate. It has chosen side with the islamists against the democratic rebels.

Mr. Salvesen hereby declares his right to, unbridled, with our any restraints to be free in his speech on anything, be it religion, be it political discourse.

He declares, that the Danish state has become a part of the tyrannical state of an islamist colour.

Because as he says; Democracy dies in Darkness.

To contact mr. Salvesen please use the following mail 

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