Darwin and metaphysics

empedoclesDarwin is an interesting person, so influential and yet simple in his way of thinking. As I see it, the return of biological science based on an Aristotelean empirical method is still in its infancy. With all respect to the extensive work done on the major universities in the West. He is a figure of vast discussion in the realm of metaphysics, because he was seen as an imposer to the throne of God. There are extensive fights fought especially in the US over the legacy of Darwin.

I try to heal the wound between physics and metaphysics, and let me underline my basic faithfullness to darwinism, his ideas were right, but he had only grasped some of the principles of nature, not all. So the problem with darwinism is actually not the questionmark put to metaphysics, but the lack of understanding of nature. According to the darwinist Geoffrey Miller, there are actually two principles in work in nature; survival of the fittest and sexual attraction. This is absolutely right, and if you compare his ideas to Empedochles, one the greatest natural scientist of antiquity, they both agree. Empedochles calls it love and strife, Darwin calls it survival of the fittest and sexual selection.

But there is a great difference between Empedochles and Darwin and that is the fact, that Empedochles has a much broader scope of natural principles to present than Darwin; the principles of attraction between living things, the search for justice and so on. To this you have to add the fact that Empedochles was a very religious man, he understood spirituality as a part of nature.

It is a misunderstanding, there is no conflict between Darwin and metaphysics. The conflict lies elsewhere, it lies with atomic science and metaphysics. But here again, within atomic science the philosophical discussions are often metaphysical, so things are not so black and white as we make them.

There is God, there is love, there is spirituality, the scientific arguments are not clear in their refusal to metaphysics, not if know what you are talking about.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    January 15th, 2010 at 08:21 | #1

    Ask yourself, what am I?

    Don’t ask Darwin, he was dead wrong.
    Why this question are so important is because, if you don’t know what you are, and what your purpose is, then how can you be sure that what you are doing in life makes you achieve what you are supposed to achieve with what-ever you are? You may be totally wrong in everything you think, believe and do. Even to say that you think you are a soul, is not enough, because you don’t know what a soul is, do you? Your teachers and priests are painfully silent on this important issue.

    They don’t have the truth, and they sadly lack wisdom, reality, and reason to think clearly and logically on this issue, which keep you less informed about how life really is. Some very ignorant preachers, who are not enlightened, unfortunately have the gift of gab. Well this short script will give you some new insight and freedom.

    If you had been told the truth, you would long since have
    reached some kind of perfection in your life. So you now know that you have been told errors. As long as you ask the wrong questions, they will never have to worry about the real answers. As long as you spend time climbing up the signpost instead of following the direction to which it points, you won’t find anything, or get done what has to be done, before your body dies (which it will, for sure; guaranteed). Do you really know what you are? Not who, but what?

    So, you are ignorant. This is the real reason why most people bugger-up their own lives. Unless you try to answer these questions about yourself you will always be on the lower end of the scale, amongst the ignorant, stupid, shallow, unenlightened and Unconscious. Unless you yourself search for these truths you will not find any answers. Nothing useful will ever fall into your lap by accident or from some Bible-thumper’s pulpit, glittering political stage, University or news cast. Even simple people now know that they have been misguided or not guided at all, on these issues.
    When people have a good education, well-paid jobs and supposedly become highly successful, intelligent and intellectual, they often assume they have the right to use that intelligence to fool or take advantage of some less intelligent person, which of course is a selfish thing to do. This is always to the detriment of the ignorant person. It is always tempting to over charge, and under pay. So, it is safe to assume that you don’t necessarily become a good and kind person by being intelligent.
    Intelligence is something that is mostly acquired after birth. It comes from your environment, family and education etc. It was put into your body and brain since you were borne. It is also safe to assume that all of it, your brain and all the things stored in it, will be eaten by worms some day when your body dies. So will your genes which many intellectuals think are so important for your intellect. Either way, it’s toast.

    Many intelligent people think that it is the survival of the genetically fittest. Well, it isn’t. Both intelligence and genes are mortal and finite, and will not survive. It is plain stupid to believe otherwise, specifically for the people who wrongly amplify their intelligence and family genes. They think that they (hopefully) live through their children. What rubbish. They justify and defend their denial and their indoctrinations with this argument instead of reality of which they are totally unaware. (We stress that this script is not about New Age mumbo-jumbo, or Philosophical or Religious or scientific babbles, it’s about the reality, logic and reason, but unfortunately we had to use what some perceive as religious terminology).

    Let’s assume for the sake of argument or clarity or just for fun, that the concept of soul does exist, that your soul is some sort of individual entity, and that the soul continues in some form after your body dies and goes somewhere or does something.
    Well about 98 % of all people on earth believe that the soul survives and is somehow immortal. (However, Talmudic Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, atheists, some heathens and a few Barbarians do not believe in any form of after life). So that is as a closed book.

    If the question (What am I?) is answered with “we are souls” then what “Soul” is, must be explained in detail since people don’t know. Even more importantly, have you ever wondered when did that Soul, enter the body? Or where it came from? What prerequisites are there to enter a specific body, or is it perhaps accidental? Or is the Soul created when the body was conceived? Or when and where was the soul borne? You truly must find out what a soul really is? Because that is what you are! What is its origin? What is its purpose being here in the three dimensions? And what is its ultimate Destiny??? ASK and think.

    Surely you are not your brain, that mushy grey matter between your ears and under your hat. Your physical brain will decompose one day, as does everything you have learned and put in your brain, including your intellect and the memory stored there. As do all the genes of your body. In fact, the only thing left after your body dies, decomposes and gets eaten by worms, is the fillings in your teeth, your glass eye, that is if you have one…and your Soul.

    Just for fun, let us tell you what you really are. You are soul consciousness, pure free-willed individual consciousness, which uses and inhabits, temporarily, a genetically modified primate called Homo sapiens. When the individual, free-willed consciousness (Soul) that you are, manifests in the primate/Homo sapiens body, it is called man.

    There are no missing links. Your Consciousness is what you are. Your Consciousness (Soul) is that which continues when the primate body dies and decomposes. You can call it your soul or your spirit, your Kahuna, or whatever. That is what you are. The primate body of Homo sapiens only becomes man when an individual soul is in it. The primate body of man is one of the most marvellous tools on Earth, but it is only a tool, and you only use that tool temporarily.

    The paradox is that the religionists are basically correct; we do possess a soul that separate from the dead physical body, even though they don’t understand or believe that the soul came from somewhere and can come back for a second time just as the soul did the first time.
    It’s the intelligent and intellectual materialists who are desperately wrong. Orthodox scientific teachings start from the false base that the mind and brain are the same – that conscious awareness and brain intellect is the same – and that dead therefore is the end of everything. They think that matter evolved into Consciousness instead of Consciousness creating matter. What a sad state of affairs, what an unthinking arrogant and selfish intellectual herd mentality.
    In this world, the intelligent people clearly take advantage of the less intelligent ones. They call it “Brain-power” and that is what has created most of the destruction methods and systems in the world we live in. Atomic weapons, Wars, Carbon dioxide etc. Instead of being an asset, the superior human intelligence has us on the brink of our own self-destruction. The human species teeters on the edge putting excess personal gratification and living for today ahead of the long-term consequences of bad behavior. It is not the good the kind or the un-intelligent people who ruin the world.
    It is the smart and intelligent ones, the selfish ones. Sadly, dog eats dog, and I personally don’t like to neither do the eating nor be eaten. But we’re all at Cinderella’s ball and have till midnight to get the reason for our lives right, or turn into pumpkins and lose everything. And trust me, its 23.59.59 right now

    With conscious awareness, when we know better, we do better, but it is not so, on an intellectual level. Mankind as a whole has clearly not done so. Many intelligent people have lost the capability of genuinely loving other people and they reject the gullibility and naïveté of people who really understand what Love is, and who dearly love one another. As the truth about the physical world dawns on you, your intellect expands, but not necessarily your conscious awareness.

    Conscious awareness is the works of the Soul; intellect is purely primate brain power and sensory input, both the right and the wrong input, including all your misunderstandings and superstitions. Common traits amongst the intellectuals are arrogance and selfishness. It is, however, very difficult not to lose your humility when you are, or perceive yourself to be, intellectually superior.

    To stay humble, kind and loving requires Consciousness, not intellect, and sadly, many intellectuals are simply not humble at all and therefore lack in Consciousness. The learned intellectual knowledge, right and wrong, is not what builds the soul or helps it to higher levels of awareness.

    What builds the soul is the conscious understanding of our free will choices, and application of it, and how we manage the opportunities presented in daily living. It is not what one knows, it is not what one professes to believe that matters so much, it is what one practises and do.

    Many intellectuals literally don’t think that their own dung smells. Well, they are sadly mistaken. They know that intellect, also called Brain power and physical consciousness, is partly a genetic and environmental attribute which their body and memory cells have; in fact, they identify themselves by their intellect and their genetics which are mortal, not with the higher Consciousness of their soul which is immortal and of which they are mostly unaware.
    As an intellectual you find that it is easy to underpay and overcharge an unintelligent person, and since many people are trusting and/or gullible, they will mostly believe any well-presented lie or deception.

    When you don’t know what is real, your reaction to a given situation will always be flawed and a lot less than perfect. Hence, keeping other people ignorant is a priority for many.

    Intellect or your physical consciousness is located in the brain of the physical body of the primate. Brain cells are where memory from this life is stored. Intellectual talent is only the well-trained gymnastic use of the accumulated memory cells, including both right and wrong learning, superstitions, assumptions and thumb thugs, and your hopes.

    When the body dies, so does the intellect, and all the memory cells, and all the genes, and all the information in your brain. All of it will decompose and get eaten by worms. Count on it. And it doesn’t help to mummify the flesh or use cryogenic freezing. What is clearly a problem for intellectuals is the fact that the strongest bodies and brains will not survive. All bodies will die and all Souls will survive, and apparently be accountable in some way or another (As you shall see).

    At present, the consciousness of many humans has become impaired and has succumbed to feeblemindedness and even insanity due to the actions of a few of those intellectual manipulators who are motivated by greed and power and their use of media and information control. They have increased most people’s intellectual, learning capacity and blind obedience, while destroying the ability of many to think for themselves and clearly understand the power of their own free will. Where are all the philosophers these days? Where are all the clear-thinking people? Where? Intellectuals can only regurgitate what has been absorbed. People can hardly think for themselves in any original fashion, any more.

    The Kings, Queens, Popes and Emperors of old justify their positions by their genetic bloodlines, education, and intelligence. Sometimes they have the guts to insist that they have divine rights to rule. They love to be adored and idolised (worshipped) and to be looked up to; they love when the masses to bow down to them. It is just plain egotistical vanity. Their lag of humility expresses clearly their supremacism. This adoration is exactly what they get from the idolising masses that have been conditioned, by the power mongers, to crave a golden calf to worship.

    They also truly believe that they are not accountable, that there are no laws of accountability (Sowing and reaping) and that they can get away with everything they do. Well, surprise, surprise, they will not get away with anything. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and just because the reaction might sometimes be slow in coming it doesn’t mean that it won’t come.

    Everybody will have to reap their own harvest. Just because they refuse to live by some of the universal laws and principles doesn’t change or alter those laws and principles. To be the greatest amongst men, they should serve mankind with humility and compassion, which they most certainly don’t do with their gilded horse-drawn carriages, bullet-proof cars, and fancy garbs, crowns, skull caps, circumcisions and big wallets. They insist on being served and obeyed by others instead of serving mankind’s daily needs, which is what they were meant to do if they were higher consciously evolved, which they are not. Many intellectuals truly believe that they descend from the apes, and regrettably, they act and think as such.

    Kings, Popes, Presidents, power mongers and pop stars, rich and poor people, blacks and whites, brown and yellow, Danes and Somalians are equally borne Souls in different Homo sapiens/primate bodies just like everybody else.

    Your Soul Consciousness exists in or out of the body, but your body decomposes when your Soul Consciousness cuts the silver cord, so to speak, and leaves for other dimensions.

    When your body dies, your Soul Consciousness is also released from the limited intellect in your brain. That Consciousness which you are is here on Earth, in the three dimensions, in a primate body for a specific reason, purpose and mission. And to evolve fast, you need a primate body, and the experience of pain and other sensations, to self-motivate your development.

    So, stuff Darwin, he was an instrument of the Bavarians, paid to propagate the erroneous teachings of ‘no’ Soul or ‘after life’ in the name of science.

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