The danger of the current media

November 26th, 2009

One of the beauties of the internet is the fact, that it gives the philosopher an easy and almost free way to distribute his ideas. Under the french revolution the philosophers had to rely on books and newspapers, much more cumbersome and difficult than the internet.

In the current phase of state-corruption, the philosopher is supposed to be the guardian of society. By giving an understanding of the situation, and provide simple remedies, he or she should try to guide democracy away from the collapse and the subsequent chaos.

The information is there, all you have to do, as a philosopher, is to read “The State” by Plato and “Politics” by Aristotle.

It is actually, seen from an academic point of view, quite easy. The hard task is to distribute the ideas and inspire the politicians to change course from corruption to ethics.

The problem, in its first phase, is therefor solved, the second phase; massdistribution, is however still not an opportunity. People need to understand the problems and why the politicians act as they do. If the people do not know the arguments behind the actions of the politicians, they may be a little confused.

This is where the traditional massmedia is more of a problem to the soceity than a positive force. First the media tried to kill me, then they have ostrazised me, what will the next be? It is absurd, in this very critical phase of democracy, the media tries to kill the guardian of society. How is a state supposed to work, if the media tries to kills its philosophers?

The state needs to do something, the media has morphed into something very dangerous, a threat to society, because of its vile actions and lack of integrity.

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