Reflections on the interview with Mr. Lars Hedegaard

I am very happy to have caused all the commotion in connection to the interview I did with Mr. Lars Hedegaard, the chairman of The Free Speech Society. Once again the media have underestimated me. Perhaps there will be a time when they show a little more intelligence in the fight with me. So far the strategy has been to try to kill me, and then ignore me. But they will have to kill me for real if they are to get rid of me. Otherwise they just have to do what I say. And that is to respect their basic obligation; to search for the light and the truth. In fact be themselves, do what they are supposed to do, follow the example of Voltaire, Socrates, Kirkegaard. Or be the slaves of stupidity.

Well let me explain why I did the interview. First of all it was to shed some light on the dark sides of Islam. We all have faults, and Islam has a lot. The fault of the west is too much liberty, and the fault of the east is too much restrain. Liberty from oppression is something we are encountering in the west because the east has all its rules. This is off cause not tolerable, freedom of expression, freedom of will we should not loose. But when it comes to personal ethics, being a true person with respect for the persons around us, we have a problem in the west. The loyalty to the states are falling apart, the time when a word of man was unbreakable, is long gone. The corruption of the state is picking up its pace. This is the fault of the west. On the other hand, the fault of the east is the conservative strings attached to everything of real importance, and especially  the strings attached to knowledge. Knowledge should not be a item of the state, God or the local priesthood. Knowledge is for everyone, and should be free to attain. Then there is the issue with the girls. Girls are not allowed much in the east, this should stop. Let the girls free, they are beautiful amazing creatures with their faults, but you cannot love a slave. You can only love a free person. If you keep girls as slaves you will not experience the truth of God, because God is not something you can meet in meditation, God you meet with other persons, in love.

Luckily the ignorance of the media is flaunted into the open. It is a bit funny to see all the selfrighteous mediapersons bask around in the limelight, with absolutely no clue about what they are talking about. It is ridicolous. But they should have listened to what I said; you are the guys saying that the emperor has clothes on, and I was right.

Anyway, before we start throwing stones and mud on each other, please everybody, focus on the issue instead of the messenger. It is about the girls, they are raped by evil men. If there is any justice in Islam, it would obviously recognise that rape within families are unjust. And the muslims in the world should be aware of the atrocities done to the danish girls by muslim men. There was a poor girl who were held in shed for a year, beaten, tortured by her muslim boyfriend. How can this but bring a bad name to Islam? Is this the way Islam wants to be represented in the West? If not, it should stop. It is a disgrace to Islam what is happening here in Denmark, and even worse in Sweden.

My father was a muslim from Bangladesh actually. The spirituality I witnessed there was beautiful, but I cannot recognice this beauty in the rape of my friends.

It is an ethical discussion, and right now Islam is low on points here in Denmark.

I will repeat my endeavours, I will fight this fight until I am no more. Because justice and light is not to be abandoned in the cowardice of the western media, and the evil of the western Islam. There will be light as long as I am here, with my companions to serve the truth.

It is not a blame game, it is at quest for beauty and truth. Because only through these principles can we really reach love.

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