horusThe Christians of the Middle East are all under attack, they are paying the price for chaos and tumult that we in the West have started.

This is not in anyones interest, least of all us, we in the West who wanted to make a better world.

Now, the most pressing issue, and something we could and should do something about is the outright mass persecution of the Copts in Egypt. But also in Syria and in Lebanon are there Christians under attack.

For the Christians, know that you have friends here in the West who are really tuned into your problems, and we do all we can to help you. We are not able to wield any weapons of physical existence, and we are not interested in being able to. But we have a strong voice that we lend to the protection of the weak and justice for all.

Now, some say that the killings of demonstrators at the Tahrir square are victims, well how come the same “victims” are targeting innocent Christians?

I told the Egyptian president to do what he did, not the Copts. Since I represent the conscience of the West, or rather the Danes and their descendants, that is both Russia, England, United States, a great deal of France and Germany. Put your aggression on them, if you dare.

Seen from the perspective of the Danes and our family, we should not let innocent Christian bear the brunt of the hate spawned by our enemies. It is not fair.

Now, the problem is probably not unwillingness from the Egyptian authorities, but lack of motivation, old habits and so on.

Now, we should, where there is a voice of our own, try to spur the Egyptian government to the rescue of the Copts, and all other Christians in the area.

Then there is one thing that I have planned to tell all Egyptians.

Now, having a good constitution is not enough. There are two things that matter equally; money and faith.

Money to feed all Egyptians, and faith in the democratic constitution.

Money cannot, right now be based solely on tourists. There is too much volatility in the area, and it gives the Brothers an easy target.

But there is another source of income that is available, and easy to put in system: The Suez canal.

The canal can be taxed. All ships entering and leaving should be taxed. Not too much, but enough for Egypt to maintain a good a serious GDP.

Then comes faith.

Listen. The values that underpin democracy, as freedom of speech and light, are not alien to Egypt. They are Egyptian, at least truth in words and deeds are true Egyptian values, and both Christian, Jewish and Muslim values.

This leads to a transparent and honest society. It should be sought by all who call themselves Egyptian, in the judiciary system, in the police, in the military, in the social service. With this universal beacon of faith, Egypt will rise again.

G-d bless all who call themselves Egyptian.

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