bohrThe world is turning around, and we see unprecedented proof of a new world order.

Before it was all about manipulating this and that, now it is about being open and honest.

After the second world war Mr. Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist and coinventor of the atom bomb, send a plea out to the world. In his letter to the UN he called upon the conscience of the world, and fought for openness. He believed, that if we are able to discuss and talk with each other, there is a chance for peace. Having made one of the most destructive weapons of all time, I believe he had a point.

It is when you are faced with destruction you really appreciate the peace and life you have.

Now, after the second world war, the west and the east did not cooperate, it led to one of the most destructive phases of human history. Still the world is reeling after the cold war, and the trust we need to ferment and build, is still very weak.

But there are several good tendencies, the most important is the trust between the two power houses of the world Russia and United States of America.

Harking back to the wise words of Niels Bohr, we must understand, as I see it, that there is a path that will put the fighting behind us, and put humanity on a better path. It is called openness.

I believe, that he was right. We are not always that trustful, especially not when we have been on each others throats for a century. But, the basic building blocks of peace is there. We are on the same page when it comes to ideology, democracy and Christianity (said from a motivated jew).

This is the fact. We are in the process of making one of the most spectacular and important turns of mans history.

It all falls into place.

G-d bless the peace we should make, if we can, and we can.

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