Norge StavekirkeCongratulations Norway, on a new path to redemption and hopefully a better Norway. As old kin, we heartily congratulate you, and hope for the future.

Here are some reflections on the future of Norway.

First of all, you have to recognize your strengths. They are not the strengths that the former government thought they were; multi culti and a huge mass of unintegrated foreigners. It is in the core of the Norweigeian soul, in the depth of the fjords, in the minds of the strong and honorable Norwegians. It is in the blink of an eye when someone is lost in sea, in the companionship between loved and the protection of the weak.

Let us have a look on the situation of Norway.

Through a, honestly, ridiculous attachment to the mass colossus of French origin called the EU, the Norwegian state has been weakened. Since Norway is not even a member of the EU, it simply is ridiculous. It would make much more sense to look at Iceland, Denmark and Holland for inspiration.

This is the key; kinship. Through the kinship of the Vikings, the attachment should be made. This the true reflection of Norwegian character.

This does not include racism of xenophobia, but a serious honesty to the Norwegian democracy and the people of Norway.

Now, what are the most pressing problems of Norway. They are two things; criminal behavior of some immigrants and al-Qaeda.

In the cities of Norway, numerous immigrants have been seen to do a lot of crime. This is the most pressing problem. As Barack Obama said; we need to tackle the gang rapers. Do that by putting them in jail, and if they are not citizens, send them out of the country.

Then there is Al-qeuda. This issue is on the top list of most powers in the world, The US and Russia as the most advanced.

Through Quatar the Muslim Brothers have infiltrated the mosques of Europe, and are running. Since al-Qaeda is the armed wing of The Muslim Brothers, they have to be taken in custody and put to justice. These are enemies. In the day of the fall of the Two towers, we should remember that.

So, it is a matter of precision, and making the state aware of the threats and the means to tackle the threats.

This is the task: Gear the state for the great problems in it; crime and enemies in the form of al-Qaeda.

G-d bless Norway, the land of the proud Vikings.

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