The ten commandments

Decalogue_parchment_by_Jekuthiel_Sofer_1768Moses was an Egyptian, he might have been an adopted Jew, or, as Freud say; just an egyptian.

But, to understand the implications of this, and the depth of his mission. We need to see his world through his eyes.

This is how he saw it, as I would interpret it, based on a lot of knowledge of his time.

Risen at the court of Akhentaten, Moses was a youngling. Akhentaten built an illustrious city called Amarna, where he roamed together with his family.

Akhentatens father had been the epitome of Egyptian civilization until that point, and he had built many wonders, and was an amazing leader of his time. So Akhentaten was used to the splendor and the power of his father.

He wanted to be better. So he started out on not just a new city, but a new philosophy.

The philosophy Akentaten brought forward was not something he himself invented. The ideas were circulating the entire area. There are remnants of the same ideology in Assyria and Persia. In Persia they still remember the Cosmocrator; the ruler of the entire cosmos.

So there must have, in the center and élite of the society in the temples, been an inventive and deep recognition of how the world is conceived.

This was brought forward of Moses father or at least close relative Akhentaten.

Now, after Akhentaten died, the ENTIRE society of the Egyptians revolted. They were not keen on loosing their age-old gods, such as Isis, Osiris and Thoth. So the rebelled, and just as in the Greek modern breakthrough with Animaxander, Plato and Socrates persecuted all who believed that there were such a thing as only one G-d.

The entire culture that Akhentaten had tried to build up, was vanquished and put the torch. Moses, a true believer of Akhentaten was on the run. Persecuted by the ones who believe in polytheism; in many gods.

This is the background of Moses.

So, what did he do? He must have been desperate, but still burning with the new ideas of his father. Because he had to flee, embed himself in a tribe he did not really know, and escape through Sinai.

If you read the Ten commandments in this light, they, all of a sudden, make much more sense to the modern reader.

The first many of the commandments is about the command of only one god in OPPOSITION to many gods. This is the core of the ten commandments, and seen through the eyes of the Jews, the very first start on the first Israeli state. Because how did Israel start? As a crusade, a holy war, a jihad against the believers of many gods.

This is the power of the commandments Moses gave the jews. It was commanded that monotheism should combat polytheism. Because Moses had, on his own body experienced the wrath and the persecution of the polytheist.

It gave the us the incentive to build a state, and it gave us the increased mission of spirit. This was the task we were given; to fight for monotheism.

Now, there are some extra clues in the ten commandments. First of all, it works as a foundation for family. I have wondered why Moses put so much emphasis on the rules of the family. Then again, I remember that in many of the pictures or stone carvings of Akhentaten, it is the FAMILY that is in focus. Akhentaten sits with his wife and kids, and have a good focused time. These images are pretty unique to Akhentaten. Normally a pharaoh is depicted smiting the enemy or going to battle.

It is just a theory, but it is of vital importance, that Moses put so much emphasis on family, it was a part of the heritage he got from Akhentaten.

So, this is the unity; G-d and family.

The basic core of all who believe in one G-d is the family. If the family works, we are closer to G-d.

It makes sense, because if we are together we can share the intimacy of our loved ones. If we are dancing around the calf, we are far from the loved ones of our closer relatives.

Now, there are many ways of analyzing and understanding the ten commandments, and probably I am not really in agreement with other metaphysics, but this is, through the historical view, what Moses believed was important. To fight for the understand of mind, or intelligence as G-d, and to found this on a healthy relationship between those who are close to us.

G-d bless the family and the believers in love.

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