MOSES5When we talk about the tribe of Israel, we wonder whence it came, but more, what are the basic principles of Israel.

I have covered Abraham, as I have tried to understand him in the light of his world, but another giant of Jewish thought; Moses I have still not really understood. Or rather until I have had the pleasure to read the psychoanalisyst mr. Freuds analysis of Moses. Remember Freud was an avid fan of ancient Egypt, many of the basic Freudian concepts are directly inspired by Egypt; the unconscious the shadow, or the baser instincts and the division of needs, ego and superego; all inspired by the Egyptians.

I am drifting. Back to Moses. According to Freuds analysis of Moses, Moses was not a jew, but an Egyptian prince. He puts forth several arguments. The most central, that the name Moses is an Egyptian name and not a Hebrew name. Ok, we can discuss the honor and the pride of the jews, maybe it is not so important. The philosophical point however is important. Because if Moses was an Egyptian prince, which makes sense, if you know the background history of the said historical frame, he was a prophet inspired by Akhenaten. The heretic Pharaoh.

Why is this important? Because it is the missing link between the Egyptian history of philosophy and Judaism.

If Moses was an Egyptian prince, he would be the direct heir to Akhentaten and the entire development of Egyptian thought till that moment.

Moses was an illustrious figure, he must have been the heir to Akhentaten. The one chosen by the great philosopher pharaoh to bring his ideas to all of humanity. Remember, at that time there was a violent repercussion of all the ideas of Akhentaten. His images were erased, his ideas banned and a young prince of true heritage to the heretic pharaoh must have been on the run.

Just imagine the adventure Moses went on. From rich and spoiled in all ways (Akhentatens reign was the eclipse of Egyptian rule), to a man on the run. Then as a prophet of a people chosen, and a philosopher in the making.

He poured all he had of wisdom, as the heir to the most illustrious of all Egyptian thought into a people enslaved by his people. Seen from the viewpoint of Egypt, Jews were the true enemy. Yet he chose jews to be his messengers and through the jews the amazing monotheism, that is today Judaism, Christianity and Islam was founded.

But, there is a deeper story to all the monotheistic religions, and that is the story of Egypt. Because we are mere descendants of Egypt through Moses. The Egyptian prince.

G-d bless Judaism as the vehicle of light.

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