Spirit, ethics and material world

We believe, that all we do is in accordance with nature. This is so, but beyond nature, there is more, and we still, graced by spirit, are given a free choice here in our lives on earth.

Let us look first on spirit. This is a natural force that is within and in all. It permeates the material world when we are born. All living creatures are splinters of the supreme force that is G-d.

When we are born however, we are not directly connected to spirit. Yes, through prayer we can connect to it, but it is not so that we are just living as an integral part of spirit. This is a fact, and proven through science of the ancients.

Now. As a living being in earth we roam the nature. In the nature the differentiation and the egoism is at work. Since most of us are very far away from spirit. We believe that we are just autonoms fueled by the sun, living in small cages we call bodies. We are frail and just glimpses on a vast screen, glimpsing in and out without any pattern.

This brings war. Because then we are apt to enrich ourselves on behalf of the person who are next to us. We do not know that we are already connected, but truly believe we are rightfully given our kin property. We call it conquest, we call it business. We call it many things, but in the end it is all just a misunderstanding. We are interconnected. We are one.

Now, egoism and theft are real. Some call it “fulfilling their needs”, others call it “Lebensraum”. But at the end of the day, it is just the oppression of others.

This is the problem with the onslaught on Europe. It is theft, in material terms, in economic terms, in spiritual terms and in political terms.

If we are not able to stop Eve from eating the apple, we will be cast out of the paradise. This is the problem. Someone is eating the apple.

Stopping the Eves and the robbers and the thieves is however a delicate endeavor. We need to be precise. Because not all are thieves, just some are. Therefor we need to be honest and sincere. We need to tackle the problems of Europe on a basis of truth not on make-believe and hopes unfounded. We need to be honest and tackle things in an honest way.

This is how you drag yourselves up from the pit of destruction. By being easy and honest with things, and then act accordingly.

We are trapped in the material life, and we need to defend ourselves in order to be safe and reach peace. Sometimes it is possible to reach peace with dialogue, but some are to entrenched in their own self aggrandisement to be humble and talk. These are the people living in the dark. As fighters of light, we need to look them in the eye, and be honest to what we see, and how we should confront them.

G-d bless the truth.

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