holger_danskeWhen we talk about Europe, we wish things were different. The old continent is dying, is in its final phase of corruption.

That is the real status of Europe right now. The institutions are rife with corruption, the streets are ruled by the strong. The economy is devastated, and only pockets of true industry remains. The rest is chaos and evil destruction.

The young are either in discordance with the old, or on a track of self-destruction. G-d is nothing but a mean old man, in the memory of another generation. The nations are rapidly emptied of meaning and power, while as the central bureaucracy called the European Union is fast in its gobbling up of all that there is left of real power and honor, in the beleaguering states of Europe.

What is Europe really? It is a land filled with tribes. Danes, Anglo Saxons, Goths, Gauls, Romans, Ionians, Iberians, Germans.

These tribes roam the heartland of the northern tribe. We are not unguilty, because we have brought havoc on the entire species of man. But we have payed enough, and it is time we are rightfully put in our own home again. This does not include any violence or evil fighting. This only includes the rightful erection of the tribal honor again. We are proud to be what we are, and we have the right to be. Because we are not unskilled, and we have brought also many good things to humanity.

In the European peninsula, there is an ongoing local fight between the adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood and the tribes. On one side, the brothers dream of the eternal Caliphate, on the other side the tribes dream of freedom.

These two dreams are not possible to connect or to life side by side. The freedom the tribes dream of is a direct opposite to the system of the Caliphate.

Now we are not interested in seeing our values imposed on anyone, it is free to choose it, if a country wants, but it should be a free choice. We will support all who vote for democracy, but we will never impose it on anyone. We are wiser than that, and we do respect the human rights of all.

This is why we are adamant on the implication of this principle in our own countries. We do not wish, as the Egyptians to become a Caliphate, and we wish all the adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood to go the same way as they did in Egypt. Is this too much to ask? Why are we persecuted for asking the same as the Egyptians? Why are we vilified, telling the truth?

It is even not so, that we despise Islam. We do not, we know that there are positive trends of Islam. But we do wish to life in peace in our own countries, and we will fight to get that right.

Now. Europe is on a downhill slope. The ideals of the European Union are all wise and bright. But the implication of the ideals are all but stupid and destructive. We believe in the light, so why are held in darkness? We believe in democracy, so why is it stolen from us?

The problem is a devastating lack of belief in the upper echelons of society. The politicians are more interested in their own career than in the wellbeing of the states. They are for sale. Therefor it is easy to manipulate the politicians into a state of dependency. The democratic evolution has come full scale, and the societies are ripe for another revolution with another tyrant.

This is the normal evolution of democracy unchecked by the light of the philosophers.

Now, as I have fought and almost died for, we are still here. And the plan is at work. Networks of a more bright and beautiful character is slowly developing in all of Europe and beyond. The tribes are slowly waking up to the ideals of their forefathers.

This is not about racism, this is not about tyranny or destruction, this is about freedom. The freedom of the individual man to choose his own destiny.

We fight for this, in the name of the lord.

G-d bless the believers of another round for Europe.

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