Well concerning Assad, there is only one thing that would make it possible to make peace; calling the man.

Iran wants peace, Russia wants peace, Saud i Arabia wants peace. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a factor anymore. So all we need to do now, is to reach Assad, and talk to him.

This is about the honor of The United States of America. Are we just villains, or are we truly the harbingers of peace.

I understand your frustration, but international politics is not about having the biggest gun, it is about the honor of a country. Remember the Spartans, how the Spartan king brought peace just by being there? Why? Because they were just.

This is your deep and truly real function as an international politician. Bring hope, do it by being just.

No one wants war. It has been too long, we need peace.

Let there be room for all, in each their state. The territories each faction have won must be the state they have. Except for the Christians who are dependent on the Alawi.

But, really try to reach out to Assad before it is too late, and make him understand, that this has to stop. We did not start it, and we can only stop it, if we are truly bringing people to the table where people are able to talk.

Please my friend, use your eloquence to bring peace for man. This is what your promised, keep it, please.

G-d bless the peace we will win if only we are easy about things, and not frustrated. Use your good, American heart for peace.

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