chariot3Egypt is a country walking from its inception five – six thousand years ago till today, first as a conqueror, then as countries around it grew stronger; as an old shadow of its inceptive powers.

It is like a shadow hanging over humankind. We know, from the bible, the Torah and the Quran, that Moses was in Egypt, that its ideas was engraved on the very first stone that was laid in the amazing structure that is now the civilization of mankind. Rather it is one of the founding stones.

Cleopatra said it when she tried to save the last strong elements of Egyptian culture to Caesar; we are one old civilization, living in the shadows.

The basic tenants and the will of the Egyptian people however is still there, so many years after; the loyalty to the state, the strength of intellectualism. Christian as well as Muslim.

Now this is a chance to reach out and recreate what was rightfully the place of Egypt in the hierarchy of man. Never again will Egypt be the only place of civilization, because the whole world has developed. But it can be a leader again.

It all boils down to a collaborative effort between all those who believe that they are true Egyptians.

Rebuilding, reconstruction, in all spheres of importance; education, agriculture, business, law, and most important, because this is the legacy of Egypt; science and art.

G-d bless Egypt, the rising sun of the east.

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