New constitution

HoremhebConcerning the ongoing debate on the constitution, there is apparently a discussion on the banning of religious parties in the parliament.

First of all, I believe it is important to discuss where these problems arise, when they arise, and the appropriate measure on the case.

Democracy is unique in the sense that it is the rule of the people, as a consequence all laws should be initiated, discussed and implemented by the will of the people.

There are other models in opposition to this model. One of them, or most in coordination and competition is communism, and then comes the idea of a caliphate.

Now, both are not clean in attitude to the people. They do not respect the will of the people as democracy do. In the communist system, there is a small cadre of people, the upper clergy of the workers who decide the rules, at least, this is the Stalinist version. In the Caliphate it is the Sultan or Emir in coordination with the clerics.

So ideally, in an Athenian constitution described most clearly by Aristotle, the will of the people is the only vehicle of ruling.

This has, over time, proven to be the most stable and prosperous system, because both new ideas are able to thrive in the free environment of the democracy, and people do not use violence to win people over, but use dialogue.

Now, therefore, it is best not to use Sharia law or any such means, but make room for the responsible religious players in the country to help decide. In this way, conservatism has its influence on the society, and still free debate is the main vehicle of the system.

Seen from a spiritual perspective, it is also the most wise. After all, as the ancient Egyptians taught all who are believers in one G-d, we are mind, and G-d is mind. We reach the interconnectedness through dialogue. It is through the connection with other human beings we are with G-d, and this goes through speech.

Therefor I really recommend, seen from all perspectives of all religions a democratic constitution where people are able to convene and understand the will of G-d. In this respect Egypt has a long history of development and faith in interreligious debate. It was Akhentaten who brought us what we have today, and in his splendid ideas, we should continue to serve truth in speech.

G-d bless the reviving Egyptian nation, a wonder once again for all to apprehend and love.

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