For a long time, people branded me a racist, a warmonger and troublemaker. When I confronted the Danish public with the fact, that a huge epidemics of rape, was at hand in the country they themselves loved and cherised, they did all they could to banish me. It ran directly contrary to all they believed in of tolerance and multiculture.

I have looked behind the veils, and understood the face of islamism. Seen what it did to tear down people and landmarks of great antiquity, torture people and use means so terrible Stephen King would have shied away from using them in his books, altough he is supposed to be the most far creative in horror imagination. Burning children? Slaughtering innocents? Enslaving innocents Christian girls. For what? Just to subdue whoever is in their way.

This is the true face of the Islamic state, of the international caliphate we are fighting.

But in the beginning the socalled enlightened people of the higher intellectual hierarchies did not understand that, their horizon was too narrow, they saw only simple things as race and tolerance.

The world is not simple it is complex, and tolerance as a virtue without understanding how the world works is like jumping up and down in a playpen without knowing anything about the world.

I do not know who invented these half measures, but they should at least read Plato or Aristotle. I mean if we are supposed to have a civilisation, we actually have to take it serious, otherwise we are just children playing with toys we do not understand, with the predicable result.

So now, after the Islamic state has realised its true face, we have the opportunity to discuss, truly, who they are, and what they are doing.

They are descendants of the dark lord, if there is any sense in talking about evil and good. Torture, slaving, burning children, that is the work of the dark lord. He is still here, and he is coming for us.

This reflects our actions, and gives us the impetus to use other means to fight. Because, this is what we are forced to do. We need to be fair, honest, and not use excessive force. We are not to use torture, we are not to lie about the war, we are to be absolutely fair in our actions and our thought.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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