We are entering a very difficult phase of the renewed discussion on family ethics in the Catholic church, the conclusions we draw, will be everlasting, or at least lasting for many, many years. So we have to be super serious about these discussion, base them on deep knowledge and established philosophical principles. Otherwise we risk putting believers on an unwise and ultimately destructive path.

Jesus Christ adviced a principle we can always fall back; love yourself as you love your neighbor. This idea is in fact Jewish in its origin, and rests on principles that may have their origin all the way back in Mesopotamia. At least I have recognized them in some of the Kabbalah material I have read.

So it is an ancient Jewish idea. What does it tell us? It tells us to be unselfish, to feel with our kin as much as we feel for ourself. It also tells us to be humble, not to put ourselves above people around us. Why? Because true love and connection between you and I is boundless, and self love makes boundaries between the I and the you.

In other words, we need to share. Not only our wealth with people who have very little, but also with people in our families. Sharing will give us less boundaries to put in between one another. It will give us less self love, and more love for those that is most close to us.

G-d bless the will to shed the shackles of egoism and be one with those around us.

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