Follow the trends

Princess one of things that is really important for a royal house is to follow the trends of the time.

I have worked a lot with green Change when I had the TV station. So I did a lot of documentaries with energy, forests and so on.

This was quite popular with a lot of the royals and also the aristocracy.

There are a lot of reasons for this popularity. One of was, that a lot of aristocracy has a lot of forests, in their estates and are used to be close to the nature.

So this has been a hit, and the Danish royal house and our new king has been doing a lot of endeavors in the area.

It gives the royal houses a modern edge and people like, when the royal houses follow the trends of the time.

However, it should never be too much, and all the other characteristics of a royal house should be upheld, like the care for family, religion and community.

So, it is a small but modern step to take for the royal houses, it shows that we care and are engaged.

G-d bless the will to be a part of the modern society in a positive way.

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