Listen mr. Smotrich this is my experience with war. The first thing you should do, is to make plans.

You have to set your goals, but you should never tell your goals openly. If you do that, you are vulnerable to criticism, and in war, you can never control the outcome. War is a process, that you have to roll with.

Secondly, if you have never been a soldier, you do not know the pressure and the sacrifices that you make as a soldier. See your friends fall, their broken families and the sheer desperation a wounded soldier often returns with.

YOU HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR THE SOLDIERS. Plan a war, where the soldiers are as safe as possible, RESPECT their sacrifice.

Thirdly, we are living in a democracy, ok I might function as a reserve king, but Israel is a democracy. This means, that you have to be open to compromises and listen to what people have of opinions. You are at the same side as the generals, and they are really angry, because they can see, that the soldiers lives are sacrificed in a war that is fought with vague real goals in a terrain that makes it almost impossible to fight.

They want a war, that PROTECTS the warriors of Israel. You have to respect their opinions to continue the coalition. Otherwise the generals will put their feet down and stop your progress.

So instead of making a confrontation with them, make them your friends.

This is how you win a war, by being flexible, open to new ideas.

Plans of a war always change as they meet the reality. That is the nature of war, you seek to OPTIMIZE your outcome to the best of your ability, if you have that mindset you always have the best chances of a win.

G-d bless the will to progress in this fight with the aim of finding at truce in the end, and a solution that will keep Israel safe. G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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