It is funny, we believe, that we are so advanced these days with our physics, our biology and social sciences.

If you read back in history however, you realize the folly of this understanding.

You may think that the middle ages were dark and without any light, then how come, that in the renaissance they had a much more advanced understanding of nature than we have today.

Yes, it was all mixed up with magic and things like that. But they actually understood and used Plato, Heraclitus, and many more.

Plato tries to teach us about good as an idea, that is a reflection of the heavens. The idea, or form, of heaven is undivided and whole, while as the ideas we have on earth are divisions of the undivided idea of heaven.

So idealism is basically a striving for spirituality in this world.

That was what they were doing in the Renaissance, what are we doing today? Do we even have ideals?

So how can we say, that we are so much more advanced today than in the olden times?

We are not, we just have not realized it.

G-d bless the will to understand the world anew.

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