Good intentions

Now, ok, the Americans, or should I say we, as I am more an American intellectual than a Danish, since Danes do not like my writing much, are worried about what is happening in Europe now. We are loosing it. Why?

Because of total misconduct in the whereabouts of the security system, but not only that, the political system, the judges, the liberal media have all failed.

We say in Denmark, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is all good intentions; could we not talk a little less about the problems between radical islam and Denmark? Could we just stop all the confrontation and put the jihadis in rehab?

When I started talking about this, nobody in the States really believed me, because the level of idiocy is so absurd, that it could not be right. I mean, sending people who have raped and pillaged on rehab? Well it has been worse, once the idea was to give them a job! Imagine that, one of the prisoners of Guantanamo was given a job in the mail. So surprise, surprise, he started stealing the mail.

The stupidity is without bounds, so there are no easy fixes, you cannot fight idiocy, because its a state of mind.

Add to this the radicality of the European States, Americans must know, you were made as a reaction to this. There you have it, a catastrophe of a magnitude we cannot fathom.

The train is running, faster and faster against the cliff, and people are just putting on more fuel. It is a nightmare come through.

So, what can we do? We can work on the mindset, at least. Try to bring the politicians around, the media, the security system.

What should they do?

First of all, it is about taking the threat serious. As of now, they do not. The organisations of the jihadis are allowed to grow, not in all countries, the greater countries as UK, Germany and France are working, as they have more resources (and better people) on the issue. The problem is more the smaller countries.

They are stupid, and they are not capable of handling themselves. Take Holland, there they killed the people who criticised radical islam, as Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn, not a wise decision. The same problem you have with Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden to a certain degree. At least that is what I know of.

So we need to give them some kind of advice.

Then there is the great what if? What if everything goes to hell, and American troops are forced to go in and stop the killing?

Well, that is what we need to avoid, and that will only happen, if we educate, train, and help the security apparatus, and the rest of the system.

They need to start thinking security on a serious level!

This is not about war, but avoiding more bloodshed and atrocities.

G-d bless the peace we have to win, after the mayhem.

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