The Marie Antoinette’s

aeabbed2d5c040c7c6446861a55fbaf5Many wonder why the EU is in such trouble, I mean, seen from outside, the problems are manageable, easy to solve. Just put up a simple barrier between each member state, invest in security, and problem solved.

But, the truth is that there is absolutely no cohesion between the different states. What Finland does and thinks is miles away from what Portugal does and thinks. Each country is a world in itself.

So the cooperation on a real democratic level is nonexistent.

So can it be changed? Yes, if you had the humility and respect for each member state, letting each state do their business and had a transparent interaction between each state, it could have been done. But the exact opposite has happened; opaque decitionmaking, oppression of states that did not fall in line, undemocratic institutions.

It has all resulted in a complete cynical worldview. So the entire Bruxelles bureaucracy went weeping after the terror attack. Well, if you were truly interested in the security of the public, why didn’t you then invest in security? Why has migration been forced on the member states?

You reap as you sow.

Under this lack of any kind of serious ethical government lies a lack of understanding of politics. Politics in Bruxelles is basically corruption. You buy this PM, you invest some money in this country to make it your friend and so on. This may work for some time, but the end result is a cardhouse that will fall, simply because as in all other revolutions, the people will rise to fight the atrocities at some point. You saw it in the Russian revolution, you saw it in the French revolution, you saw it in the protestant revolution. When the atrocities and the corruption is too harsh, the people will rise.

In the French revolution the atrocities that were beneath the monarchy, was that of sexual abuse. If you read Marquis de Sade, you will have a little peek into the dark horrid world that the French monarchy was. The same is the situation of the European Union, you may not hear it from the media, but everybody knows, that the atrocities done in Köln and in numerous other places by especially Muslim migrants, is the reason why people are rebelling against the system.

As long as it continues, the revolution fill be fed with new motivation, continually. Add to this the crime, the terror and there you have it; the prerequisites for another pan European revolution.

This is the historical experience.

Well, I am happy I am not one of the Marie Antoinettes of the EU, still insisting on the magnanimity of the realm, but a lowly and persecuted philosopher. Persecuted for pointing to the fact, that emperor has no clothes on.

G-d bless the peace we hope to find, even though it seems pretty far away.

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